Questions, Asked, Frequently
Q. What is this all about?
I'm a golang dev that built a go on rails web framework.
Q. In less than 50 words, sell me on this.
Not a question but ok: routing, sql, migrations, and WASM this framework makes building modern web and mobile apps better. No javascript. No typescript. No react. No react-native. No npm. It's very easy to define your postgres tables, routes, and templates that are shared by the frontend and backend.
Q. What's the easiest way to get started?
Q. What's the name of the framework?
It's called feedback. first commit 2020-02-07
Q. What are its strengths? Limitations?
Limitations? What a hard question to answer. Like in a job interview, what are your worst qualities? Please try sample app and let me know.
Q. How does it compare to existing frameworks?
Existing frameworks do not give you the power of routing, SQL, migrations, and WASM. the way this framework does.
Q. What's the roadmap?
Summer 2024 - Launch to more go devs and get feedback.
Fall 2024 - Add the top 3 most requested features.
Q. Is there video demo?
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